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Langston Chinese offers Chinese study programs in China throughout the year that meet the requirements of Mandarin learners at any level. Whether you are coming for a homestay, looking to study full-time, only able to have a few hours of class per week, or enjoying a one-on-one class designed specifically for you, Langston offers the perfect opportunity to be immersed in the Chinese language and culture.

Unlike most schools in China, we focus on teaching you how to use the Chinese language rather than what the language is. To reach this goal we use curriculum that was designed specifically to teach westerners useful and usable spoken Chinese. We do this in an environment where you are forced to use Mandarin both inside and outside of the school – we are based in Shenyang, a large, historic city where standard Mandarin Chinese is the local dialect spoken on the street. Langston features small class sizes, low prices, and high-quality teachers.  Our excellent staff has taught students from seventeen countries.


Why Langston?

There are many reasons why Langston Language is the best choice for studying Mandarin Chinese in China. Click through the tabs on the left for more information about each one.
Affordable Programs

Shop around and you will find that Langston offers Chinese study in China at lower prices than comparable competitors, without sacrificing benefits. Click to see our prices.
Personalized Levels

We assess all incoming students' level of Chinese and provide teaching and curriculum for each student to achieve his/her personalized language learning goals. To learn more, click here.
Small Class Sizes

We believe that language learning is best done in small classes.
Our classes range from 1 to 8 students.
Specialized Curriculum

At Langston we use Chinese Made Easier and the New Practical Chinese Reader, Mandarin Chinese learning textbooks that were designed specifically for westerners. To learn more, click here.
Exciting Cultural Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities and tours.Study traditional kung-fu, learn Chinese calligraphy, and tour Shenyang’s attractions. To learn more about cultural classes and activities, click here.
Professional Staff

At Langston Chinese we believe that people learn best when they enjoy the teachers and tutors whom they study Chinese from. That is why we focus on only hiring teachers who love teaching!
Great Teaching

We work hard to find and train good teachers. We believe the key elements of great language teaching is clear explanations, correcting mistakes, and giving students good opportunities to practice.
Immersive Environement

Shenyang provides a great environment for learning Chinese. Dialects and accents vary greatly from region to region and the northeast region of China has the most standard mandarin Chinese. To learn more, click here.

Study Chinese in China this Summer!

Come join Langston for a summer of intensive Chinese study. You have will great classroom instruction, abundant opportunity to practice what you learn, and the chance to particapate in culutural activities. These include: Chinese calligraphy, kung-fu, Chinese dance, experiencing the historical sites and attractions around Shenyang, and much more! Learn more about the Langston Summer Intensive Chinese Program.

Why Study Chinese in Shenyang?

Here at Langston we believe that Shenyang is one of China's best kept secrets. Historical yet modern, large in size yet culturally very traditional. In Shenyang you'll have the perfect environment to practice your Chinese, because there are very few English speakers here. So while you will be able to find all the Western comforts you want, you're going to have to bargain for them in Chinese! Find out more about Shenyang.


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