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Contract Details


Marketing Events

Langston teachers are normally required to participate in several marketing events each week. Marketing events where a teacher is asked to prepare and give a lesson or speech will be partially counted as teaching hours (the time the teacher actually spends speaking or teaching will be counted as teaching time, not the entire marketing event).


Langston provides foreign teachers with a furnished, shared apartment. Teachers are given a private bedroom. Basic linens and kitchen supplies are provided for newly arriving teachers. Teachers who wish to rent their own apartment are given a 900 CNY per month housing stipend. If a teacher moves out of Langston housing in the middle of the month the stipend will not be provided until payday for the following month (for example, if you move out on April 17th, you will not receive your first housing stipend payment until June 8th). 

In Langston apartments, teachers are required to pay all water, gas, electricity, phone and internet fees. Teachers sharing Langston apartments are to divide the above bills between themselves.

If You are Late

Teachers that arrive late to class are fined 200 CNY. A teacher that misses one or more classes due to negligence will be fined 200 CNY per hour missed.

Z-Visa, Foreign Expert Card, and Resident Permit

Langston is one of the few schools in Shenyang licensed to issue legal working documents to foreign teachers. The Z-visa application process usually takes two weeks to one month to complete.  After the application is approved here in Shenyang, we are able to send an invitation letter to new teachers allowing them to process a Z-visas at the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate. After entering China using a Z-visa, new teachers are then issued Foreign Expert Cards and Resident Permits. With a Resident Permit attached their passports, teachers are able to exit and enter China at will without the need of re-applying for a visa each time.

Visa Expenses

Langston will pay for all visa related expenses after you arrive in Shenyang. We do not pay for visa related expenses incurred in the US. 

Dress Code

Langston’s foreign teachers are asked to dress business casual.  That being said, teachers need to be comfortable for children’s classes which demand more activity.  Men should stick to button downs, polo’s and sweaters for tops.  Slacks, chinos or dark jeans are appropriate for bottoms along with comfortable but professional shoes.  Women should maintain a professional appearance.  Tops should have, at minimum, capped sleeves with no deep V necks.  Hems need to be longer than your fingertips.  Again, dark jeans are acceptable, but in any case clothing should be clean and free of tears.  If you have a question about the dress code first ask yourself if you would meet the parents of your significant other, go to court, or attend a job interview in the outfit.



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