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At Langston we believe that language is a tool for use in everyday life, for learning, and for exploring. This core value leads us to give you many opportunities to use your newly acquired language skills in a variety of activities designed for learning about and exploring China. As a student studying Chinese at Langston you will have the chance to join in our free cultural activities and local tours every week. You can try your hand at ancient Chinese calligraphy, practice wushu with a kung-fu master, visit local historical sites, and experience the earthy charm of the Manchurian countryside surrounding Shenyang.

Local Tours

Shenyang is a unique city in that it is both modern and yet historical, large and yet small. Shenyang has a long and eventful history, often being the center of all major events in China's Northeast. Students will have the opportunity to visit historical sites, including China's “other imperial palace”, but will also have the chance to see a city transform itself from an underdeveloped industrial base into one of China's most important business centers. Students will also be able to go visit the rugged and wild countryside around Shenyang, in what will almost certainly feel like a different world.

Martial Arts

China's martial arts are among the most developed in the world. With many different styles, each with different purposes, they are also the most varied of any country's martial arts. Almost anywhere in China you can see them being practiced daily. Just visit your local park or square in the early morning or the evening and prepare to be amazed. Of course, at Langston you will actually have the opportunity to join in Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi, or Wu-Shu classes and find out why so many people love China's martial arts!

Performance Arts

China has 56 unique ethnicities, each with their own culture, food, customs, and especially arts. That means that China is full of different types of dances, plays, and skits. Undoubtedly, you have heard of Beijing opera, but did you know there are five distinct styles of Beijing opera? And that is only one city's style of opera! In China you will also see a lot of local styles of performance art being practiced in public, in much the same places you will find martial arts being done (Sometimes right next to each other!). At Langston you will have the opportunity to both see some of these performances and to learn some basics on how to do them as well!

Chinese Music

If you enjoy pop then there is much to love about modern Chinese music , however, if it is variety you desire than you will probably enjoy more traditional music styles in China. China is a nation with many unique instruments, most of which have thousands of years history. Both these facts mean that the music has characteristics unheard in the western world, yet is unbelievably refined and sophisticated.

Chinese Artwork

With so much history and diversity, Chinese traditional art is more and more sought after everyday. Painting, calligraphy, kites, paper cutting, paper folding, knot tying, woodcarving, stone and jade carving, pottery, the Chinese excel at all of it. At Langston you will have the opportunity to not only see some of these styles of art, but also to sit in classes and learn how to do it!

Chinese Culinary Arts

Everyday you go out and eat you will find restaurants with hundreds of dishes, and each restaurant with a different flavor or style. This variety comes from thousands of years of recipes, trial and error, and necessity. This long culinary history has also led to some very interesting arts, such as the Chinese tea ceremonies, or the Imperial food service ceremony. At Langston you will have the opportunity to explore many types of food, as well as to learn how to make some of it!

Chinese Games

Almost every neighborhood in Shenyang has a courtyard, and where there is a courtyard, there are people playing Chinese games. Mah-Jong, Chinese Chess, and weiqi are all popular games enjoyed by the population of China. You will have opportunities to learn how to play these games, and who knows, you just might be invited to sit down with the locals and play!



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