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At Langston we believe that your learning environment is just as important as the classes, materials, and staff teaching you. You wouldn’t go to Russia to learn French, would you? Of course not! That is why it is so important to come to China to learn Chinese. Being in China you will have many opportunities to use Mandarin daily outside of a school, but without a good structure for learning new language abilities you may find yourself lost.

At Langston we have optimized our program so you will have the opportunities and tools to learn and use the language inside and outside the school. Here in Shenyang we will provide you with a safe environment in which to study and practice, featuring: spacious classrooms, a movie theater, computers, study room, wireless Internet, and a game room. You will also be surrounded by people who care about your progress and make conscious efforts to enhance your Chinese language learning experience.  Once you have spent some time studying in our structured immersion programs you will find yourself better able to engage the many opportunities to learn and explore throughout Shenyang and the rest of China!

What makes Shenyang's study environment so special?

For everyone the answer is different. But we've tried to capture a written snapshot of Shenyang in the paragraphs below:

In the crisp morning air you stroll through the outdoor market surrounded by hundreds of people buying and selling all imaginable kinds of food from the backs of their carts. As you pass the last vendor, and the cries to buy this or that leave your ears another sound comes into focus, the sound of several musicians playing the erhu and singing ancient Chinese harmonies in the city park. Passing through the well-tended gardens of Zhongshan Park you see groups of people practicing Taichi, every fiber of their bodies under precise control as they gracefully move through the ancient motions that have been passed down through the centuries. Exiting the park, you weave your way through seemingly endless waves of bicyclers and pedestrians making their way to unknown destinations, and come upon a large square. In the center of the square rises a towering Mao Zedong, arm outstretched, reaching towards the horizon. Beneath the statue people gather to paint ancient poems with large calligraphy brushes dipped in water. As you look around, the juxtaposition of old and new is everywhere, thousands of years history to your left and right, but directly in front of you sits a Starbucks. You arrive at school. Just a typical Monday.

Shenyang, known as the “city of the rising phoenix”, has been settled for nearly 7,200 years, and is now one of China’s largest cities. Once the capital of China, it is fast becoming the business center of Manchurian China. Fortunately for you this city still holds fast to the cultural traditions that have remained for thousands of years, offering a taste of the life that has all but disappeared in many of China’s larger cities. With it’s proximity to Harbin, the area with China’s most standard Mandarin pronunciation, you will have no problem understanding the locals, as well as making yourself understood. The Shenyang populace considers itself the friendliest in China. Though they usually speak little to no English, they will want to talk with you, to invite you for a drink, as is custom, and find out why you would come half way around the world to visit their city. The answer is easy. You want to experience the essence of China’s culture and history – in Shenyang that’s easy to do.



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