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Langston Chinese's Unique Class Design

While most language programs in China focus on preparing you for the HSK, a Chinese language test, Langston strives to teach Mandarin for use in real life situations. To achieve this goal we offer small classes designed to get you speaking. You will also enjoy a wider variety of class types than the average language school. On a typical day in Langston you will spend two to three hours (depending on your level) attending a core-text class which includes speaking, listening, grammar, reading, and writing components. In addition, every day you will have the opportunity to attend several one-hour classes designed to take you deeper into China’s daily life and culture. Some of the classes include TV show and movie classes, newspaper classes that cover domestic and international events in China’s news media, classes that delve into the contemporary music scene in China, cuisine classes that teach you how to decipher what to order off the varied menus of the different schools of Chinese cooking, and activities that get you out experiencing the vibrant city life of Shenyang. All of these classes are aimed at getting you to make the Chinese language a part of your life, outside of your textbook! Classes you attend will have a maximum of six students for core-text classes and a maximum of three students for non core-text classes. With small class sizes our teachers are able to offer differentiated instruction, fitting the materials to each student individually instead of “teaching to the middle”. Our courses will help you learn, practice, imitate, and explore the language.

Core Classes

  • Our core classes include speaking & listening, grammar, reading, and writing, in varying degrees dependent on students assessed level.

  • Speaking & Listening -  Students focus on their ability to not only comprehend what they hear, but also how to respond. The primary focus is on listening comprehension and conversation, though pronunciation is also important.

  • Grammar - We do not focus on teaching the rules per se, rather students will learn grammar by using it. Differentiation between written and spoken grammar will be taught in class as well.

  • Reading – In this section students deal with character recognition, specifically through the understanding of character components. We read through and then discuss the readings in order to further comprehension.

  • Writing - Students not only focus on handwriting the characters and strokes, but also learn stroke order (important for using a Chinese-English dictionary), and cultural differences in writing styles.

Supplemental Classes

We offer many supplemental classes, all designed to further a students language skills and to enhance the learning environment.

  • Listening Class – Similar to the movie class, but without the visual component, helps students refine their listening comprehension levels. These classes are offered at every level.

  • Culture Class - In this class students will learn about Chinese culture. A wide range of topics, including politics, business, food, arts, and more, will be discussed in Chinese and English, dependent on the level of students. This class is offered at all levels.

  • Typing Class - In this class students will learn how to use different Chinese input tools, as well as tips on speeding up their Chinese typing skills. This class is only taught in intermediate levels and below.

  • Salon Class – A discussion class based around a hotly debatable topic, with a focus on using Chinese to talk about real life issues. These classes are introduced early in the elementary level and increase in more advanced levels. 

  • Movie Class - In this class students explore Chinese movies and TV shows, with the focus being on how people use their language in different situations. These classes are introduced late in the Elementary level.

  • Music Class – A type of class where students learn Mandarin through the music and lyrics of different genres of Chinese music, with a focus on honing listening abilities. These classes are introduced at the intermediate levels.

  • Activity Class - In this type of class students will join in an activity not necessarily related to the Chinese language, but taught entirely in Mandarin. One example might be teaching students how to cook a Chinese dish, but taught entirely in Chinese! These classes are introduced at the intermediate level and increase in later levels.

How all of this helps you

We focus on creating an environment where you will not just sit in a language class, but will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn the language - Our daily core classes give students the language foundation that they need to be successful.

  • Practice the language - Small core classes, as well as the salon, culture, and activity classes give Langston students much more hands on practice time vs. standard programs.

  • Observe & Imitate the language - A Langston specialty, students in our movie, listening, music, and activity classes receive many opportunities to see Mandarin in use in real-life situations.

  • Explore China using the language - Our culture and activity classes, as well as the environment both in and out of the school give students the chance to explore China through the use of the language.

Overall, students at Langston will receive a much broader Mandarin education than they would at other other Universities and language centers. Langston students are armed with the ability to use their language, as well as to understand the culture they use it in!



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