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Why Study at Langston Chinese ?

Affordable Programs

Shop around and you will find that Langston Chinese offers Chinese study in China at a lower price than some competitors and a bit higher than some of our competitors. The reason for this is that we work hard to be a program that offers the best Chinese teaching in Shenyang while being affordable for our students. Simply put, Langston Chinese gives the best Chinese instruction in town and charges very reasonable prices. To learn more about our prices, click here.

Personalized Levels

Each and every student comes to our school with different Chinese language ability, different goals, and different availability for having classes. Our teachers personalize our classes to help each student meet his or her desired language learning goals. To learn more about personalized levels, click here.

Small Class Sizes

We believe that language learning is best done in small classes. Our classes range from 1 to 8 students. However, most of our classes are one-on-one.

Specialized Curriculum

At Langston Chinese we mostly use Mandarin Chinese learning textbooks that were designed specifically for westerners. The textbooks give focus on practical vocabulary, have helpful pronunciation exercises, introduces Chinese characters at a reasonable rate, and gives clear grammar explanations in English. To learn more about specialized curriculum, click here.

Cultural Classes and Activities

As a student studying Chinese at Langston, we offer culture classes and activities to those who are interested. We offer the opportunites to study traditional wushu from a kung-fu master, try your hand at traditional Chinese calligraphy, take tours of Shenyang’s ancient attractions, and much more. Please note cultural activities are not included with the regular tuition. To learn more about cultural classes and activities, click here.

Professional Staff

At Langston Chinese we believe that people learn best when they enjoy the teachers and tutors whom they study Chinese from. That is why we focus on only hiring teachers who love teaching!

Great Teaching

Finding a great language is not easy, but we work hard to find great teachers and train them well. We believe the key elements of great language teaching is clear explanations, correcting mistakes, and giving students good opportunities to practice.

Immersive environment

Shenyang provides a great environment for learning Chinese. Dialects and accents vary greatly from region to region and the northeast region of China has the most standard mandarin Chinese. Unlike larger cities, the number of locals that want to speak English with foreigners is minimal. To learn about Shenyang’s immersive environment, click here.



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